The Hangry Chronicles

I’m writing this from Florida after a hellavu drive across the south.

We drove almost 12 hours and arrived late last night. We couldn’t find anywhere to eat because “everyone in Florida” must be hungry at the same time.

After several attempts and lots of hangry tension, we found comfort in a familiar sign: Whataburger.

The line was long, but I didn’t care. We weren’t going anywhere else, I proclaimed.

Over the next 90 minutes in line, we relaxed, laughed our asses off, and enjoyed each other’s company.

We might have inhaled the burgers in record time. At times I swear that I have two high school linebackers as daughters. My girls can eat.

The irony of it all was not lost on any of us. I love them. I love us.

The weather forecast calls for rain all weekend. No worries. We still have each other, and regardless of how it turns out, we will make the best of it.

We’re a simple family.

As long as we have food in our bellies, we can make anything fun and memorable.

Otherwise, all bets are off.

By Teevee Aguirre