So over the past 2 years or so I have been going through a “Life Change”.

I never knew that this is very normal, I think. But as I mature and began to think for myself. I am finding out that a lot of the things that was I taught when I was a child are not 100% true, but then again what is Truth?

I think I will save that for another time. But this “LC” was and still is hard on me. I mean it has me changing some, if not all of my beliefs!  But the more that I learn, the more I am figuring out that most things, Truths, understanding, beliefs or whatever you prefer to call it, are similar.

I don’t know, but another thing I have noticed is the more knowledge I learn the more I find that there is more knowledge attached to the previous knowledge! I am trying to find the right words. It’s like a tree, you learn about the trunk of the tree to find out it has branches and then those branches have more branches!

It’s like the information is never ending! It seems like a person can never say I know it all on anything! Because that branch of knowledge will lead to another branch of knowledge, it’s never ending!  So anyway this “LC” has messed me up when it comes to believing or accepting information on things.

Like religious, oh boy, I use to be a Christian until I went to college, read some books, watched the History channel, asked some questions, searched the Internet and did a whole lot of research to find that some of the beliefs in the Christian Faith are not true! And most of the religions in the world are almost have the same beliefs, just minor tweaks! Look I am not trying to step on anyone’s toes or discredit your Faith.

But I am speaking for me, a person who was a Christian for over 25 years, if you have not really researched your Faith, whatever religion it maybe, you need to. I was so shocked, hurt, sad, mad, and glad about the things I found out.  But I believe this was for me to discover and understand.

Now the new path that I am on is very interesting. I am learning so much, that I cannot keep up. But it’s alright. I have now come to a place where whatever religion or belief system a person has it okay.

No religion, belief, or Faith is better than the next. That’s the problem that we are dealing with now! People killing and hurting people over a person’s belief system! It’s crazy! People should have the right to believe whatever they want without people trying to kill, hurt, or even trying to “convert” them to another belief system.

Why can’t we just let each other enjoy Life and agree to disagree? That is what most of the wars are over; belief systems. Look I feel people should only share their beliefs if they are asked other than that, shut up. Don’t be in my ear everyday trying to convert me because you believe that I am going to burn in hell because I don’t believe like you.

That’s what you believe, I don’t. So to me I am not going to burn in hell. But again, if that’s what you want to believe, I say, enjoy yourself, have fun with that. But do some research outside of your church and your Bible, believe me you will be very surprise what you will find, I know I was! This is an Age of Information.

Anything you want to know about is out there, you just have to do some foot work, reading, thinking, use of common sense (even though I have heard everyone does not have it) and ask questions. Now beware, that when you start questioning things, there will be people who will try to stop you and hold you down. I experienced that also.

But I have found that somehow the right people always come along who will help you on your journey onto your new path. I had a few who helped me and I thank God, Creator, or whoever is running this thing or maybe it’s no one(I’m still trying to figure that out) for sending me help, when I needed it. There were also times of isolation that I needed to help me get my thoughts/beliefs together.  Even with the help of other people, I noticed that they too had different beliefs systems.

So you may wonder, “What the hell does he believe?”

Good question. Well I have some beliefs that I believe to be true, but as I said before, they are like branches. When I research a belief deeper, it always seems to lead to many other things that may crush or destroy a belief that I
just had.

So do I have any firm beliefs, yes, but I assure you they will change again and again and again. At one point I was like where does it end? When do I get down to what is true and have a firm belief system? I have come to a conclusion and that is it does not end. I feel knowledge is infinite and there is no way to get to the end.

So I have come to an understanding with whoever is running this thing or not, that I am going to be forever learning and changing! I may never have a firm belief system and you know I am cool with that. I want to know as much as I can know and when I leave this Earth I want to continue learning.

I have no firm idea what it will be like when I die and go to the other side, but I am excited about learning what’s over there.

So in conclusion, believe what you want to believe, just don’t kill, hurt, or try to “convert” others for believing what they want to.

By Teevee Aguirre