On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father


On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father

I’ve always been a curious kid. Then I discovered the books and the public library. The race was on to learn as much as I could. Then the internet became a thing. More knowledge and information from all over the world to consume.

I learned that there is a bigger world out there. So many stories to read and skills to acquire. This sometimes required that I drop outdated stories that no longer served me.

Now you’re reading my story on the internet. In this blog, you will find the process for the re-education of Teevee along my path to becoming a better human, a better man, and a better father to my two wonderful humans. I’m a girl dad ya’ll

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Latest stories

I Cried This Morning (2008)

I wrote this poem in 2008 and sent it to myself. I discovered it on May 2nd, 2023. How appropriate given that my girls are grown and about to fly away.

Daddy Daughter Podcast – Asking My Adult Kid on How I Screwed Her Up

I talk a lot about my daughters and how I raised them. I share my lessons and stories on parenting and how I tried to show up in their lives.

Now that my daughters are adults, it's time to face the harsh truth: I completely screwed up their upbringing. But hey, at least we can all laugh about it now, right?

Communicating Ideas

The world rewards the people who are the best at communicating ideas, not the people with the best ideas.
- David Perell

Biting Love Glacier

Daughter: Have you asked her to be your Valentine?

Me: No. She’s already my valentine.

Daughter: You still have to ask her!

Me: WTAF? Really. When did this become a thing?

Daughter: Since, forever.

Me: Fine.


On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father