Be a Good AncestorWelcome to my digital haven. I’m Teevee Aguirre.
Artist, writer, dancer, podcaster, father.

A lifelong learner with an ever-curious heart, my journey of discovery ignited with books and the wonders of the public library. Then, the advent of the internet expanded my horizons, offering a world of knowledge and stories from every corner of the globe.

I’ve come to realize that there’s an expansive world beyond, brimming with tales to tell and skills to master. Sometimes, it meant shedding beliefs and narratives that no longer resonated.

And now, here you are, diving into my digital narrative. This blog encapsulates my journey — the ongoing re-education of Teevee as I tread the path of evolution to becoming a better human, father, partner, and, with hope, a cherished ancestor.

On this site you will find my creations in all their various forms. Living a long life has given me the privilege to experiment and grow in so many ways. Make sure to sign up for the Better Ancestor Newsletter to say up-to-date on all things Teevee.


Latest stories

Being Old is Awesome

Damn, I'm old and I love it. I feel like it's an honor to continue to grow old. 

I've lived a full life and learned a lot along the way.

Life is short. Smile a little.

I’ve lost a brother. My big brother.

I didn’t know him well. I didn’t know his dreams, demons, or passions. I was too little to know what to ask.

Beyond the Board: A Podcast on Chess, Life, and Learning

In this episode of The Teevee Show Podcast, let as delve into the heartwarming journey of how a simple afterschool game club blossomed into a thriving chess community, transforming the lives of students and parents alike through the strategic world of chess.