Be a Good AncestorWelcome to my digital haven. I’m Teevee Aguirre.
Artist, writer, dancer, podcaster, father.

A lifelong learner with an ever-curious heart, my journey of discovery ignited with books and the wonders of the public library. Then, the advent of the internet expanded my horizons, offering a world of knowledge and stories from every corner of the globe.

I’ve come to realize that there’s an expansive world beyond, brimming with tales to tell and skills to master. Sometimes, it meant shedding beliefs and narratives that no longer resonated.

And now, here you are, diving into my digital narrative. This blog encapsulates my journey — the ongoing re-education of Teevee as I tread the path of evolution to becoming a better human, father, partner, and, with hope, a cherished ancestor.

On this site you will find my creations in all their various forms. Living a long life has given me the privilege to experiment and grow in so many ways. Make sure to sign up for the Better Ancestor Newsletter to say up-to-date on all things Teevee.


Latest stories

Unshed Tears: A Father’s Proud Goodbye

Surprisingly, neither my baby girl nor I shed a tear when the time came to leave her at college.

Despite being a confident man who's never been ashamed to express my emotions, and despite my daughter's ability to cry with the best of them, no tears flowed that day.

From 18 to 48: Life Lessons from Three Decades of Adulthood

Today is the 30th anniversary of my 18th birthday. Meaning, I turned 48 today.
That's thirty years of being a legal adult.
Over these 10,957 days of adulthood, I've gathered countless lessons. I'm eager to share 30 of those lessons with you. Consider this a preview of the wisdom I'll impart to my grandchildren.

Conversations with Fe | The Daddy Daughter Podcast Series

Get ready for a truly special episode of "The Teevee Show Podcast" as I will be joining, once again, with my oldest daughter, Fe.

She lends us an insight into a compelling adventure from a recent photoshoot, underscoring the value of crystal clear communication and instructions. She's learning and growing along the way.

On Stumbling Across Friends and Mentors

In my early 20s, I met a man that mesmerized me.

Frank was loud, outlandish, and polarizing. Most people loved and gravitated to him, while others couldn't stand him. Until then, I had never met anyone like him, but I wanted to be like him, the fun and exciting part.

Men Talking About Their Emotions / When Brothers Talk

Today, Chris and I dive into managing expectations and effective communication in relationships. We'll draw on personal experiences to share key insights, such as the importance of selecting the right partners to meet our expectations and fostering a safe space for open dialogue.