My Baby Girls Are No Longer Babies

My girls have become prolific writers, orators, and performers.

Yesterday I picked them up from their mothers like I do every year after Christmas and told them I needed their help.

I’m working on a new piece for my daddy page and needed some feedback on how to improve it.

It’s been something I’ve been staring at for days and told them to be honest with me.

As I read it out loud, I got hella emotional and filled with happiness.

In many ways, they’ve become my peers and my source for inspiration. They’re creating works of art with their pictures, words, and music. It makes me giggle with pride.

I’ll be making some refinements to the words based on their feedback.

Then they looked at me and said, “Can we get out of the car now and go play with our cousins?”

By Teevee Aguirre