Promise to My Babies

Every 1st and 3rd Friday, I would pull into their mother’s home by 6pm. 

Being on time was critical. 

    1. So their mother would have them ready.
      2. But more importantly, because my daughters were expecting me at that time. 

It has always been vital that my babies trust that their father was a man of his word. 

“I want you to set your clock to my word.” 

It was exhilarating seeing their little eyes light up and then screaming, “DADDYYYY!”

I can still hear and see them in my mind’s eye. So vividly. 

For a while, they lived in a house with a long driveway. This gave them the running start they needed for a new game.

I’d catch one, toss her in the air, like an all-pro dad, then hurry to place her down because child #2 was immediately behind her. 


I’d toss her, catch her, place her down, then we’d all hug and jump in the car for the weekend adventures. 

One day, we stopped playing that game. I wish I could remember when that happened. 

One day they were just too big to toss. 

Trust me, I tried. They had grown into teenagers and now into young adults. 

They’ve made it too easy for me. Big girl is driving, so they magically show up in our home. 

I try to reproduce that same scene but in reverse. I run down our hall and embrace them with the same passion and love they gave me as little girls.

They’re flying on their own with no assistance from Dad. Despite that, they can trust that I will still catch them.

My babies can set their clock to these words.

By Teevee Aguirre