When Big Boys Cry- A Story of Art and Tears

When Big Boys Cry- A Story of Art and Tears

A year ago, I stumbled across Naval’s teachings. 

He made me realize that I had a stack of skills that I had developed in the last 30 years of my life that I was undervaluing.

Naval essentially gave me permission to create and build my intellectual property library. Teevee IP- I like the sound of that.

In the year since then, I’ve written and sketched almost daily. I didn’t realize it, but I started to build a reputation of some sort along the way. 

I feel like a kid and having so much fun.  If I go a day without sharing something- I feel a bit off. Empty. 

Several weeks ago, I had a couple of people interested in buying some of my work. Then my art teacher encouraged me to productize my hand lettering as a font that I could sell. 

Whoa. My lettering? My art?

He asked: Hey Teevee, have you made a dollar online yet? 

I scoffed and said: Bro, I’ve made a living online as a digital marketer for over ten years. 

But then I thought deeper. He was really asking if I had made money from my art online. 

This. This I had not done. Not ever.

I felt the little boy inside of me start to jump up and down. Our eyes welled up. We whimpered. And then liquid-like substance began to flow from our eyeballs. 

“What’s happening? Why am I crying?”

It took me a minute, but then it became apparent. 

The little boy who decided to be an artist as a career felt valued. Someone was willing to give their hard-earned money in exchange for ownership of his stories and art. 

That just hit different, and I started crying again. 

I’ve lived an interesting life and have a mountain of stories to be shared and illustrated. Little Teevee and Big Teevee can’t wait to share them all. 



By Teevee Aguirre