I’m an adult! I finally have a personal doctor!


I’m an Adult… FINALLY! In today’s broadcast, I share my experience and experiment in finding a personal doctor. I haven’t seen a doctor in over 10 years. What can I say, I’m a healthy bastard. Or am I just stubborn? Well, I finally broke down and signed up for an experimental business model, but one that looks promising simply because I pay out of pocket and my...

17Oct23: New domain & Bitcoin


[smart_track_player url=”; title=”New Domain & Learning Bitcoin” ] Welcome to my new and improved website! Well not so new, but the domain is fancy! Am I right? I now have a new goal with this site and will be taking imperfect action to accomplish this goal. I will be podcasting/vlogging 2-3 times a week. The production will be less than ideal, but along the way, I will...

EP 002: Re: The Struggle to Feel As If My Work is Real Work


It took me several years to acknowledge that the work I do is WORK to myself. I no longer had dirty clothes and rough hands from the manual labor. (Now people believe I could be a hand model for Olay) I no longer had aches and pains (although I would go on to have other types of body pains from long hours on laptop). No longer did I have to work the grave yard shift to make an extra 50 dollars a...