I Love Washing Dishes

I really enjoy washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen after eating. Seeing the kitchen and dining area after it’s all done is satisfying.

This first became a “thing” when I read an article by Leo Babauta in 2010 that made an impact on the way I approach all the mundane but necessary tasks of the day.

“Have you eaten your rice porridge? Then you had better wash your bowl.”

It’s become the default in our home. My girls have picked up on it over the years. They don’t complain. They just go. We just go.

It’s not a chore that no one likes to do. But rather, it’s part of the process of having a meal.

We eat, we clean.

I have found that my kids pick up their cues from me. If I hate something, they hate it. If I like it, they like it. This is not true 100% of the time. But pretty stinkin’ close.

I guess it’s that damn role modeling thing.