“Are you working on having a son?”

I am the father of two brilliant young ladies. Anyone following me knows this withing 5 minutes.

But I get this question fairly often, “Are you working on having a son?” or some variation of it.

I am not at all. I’ve never felt that I had to have a son to feel complete.

Part of the argument is that a boy will carry my name and my legacy on. I don’t completely believe that.

I do have a huge ego. Trust me. I think about that, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter.

My daughters are enough. At times it even seems as if I have a couple of boys in the way they carry themselves.

They are my suns.

As for someone carrying on the family name… they may do it.

We live in different times where silly traditions are being broken and new rules are being written.

They have both told me that they plan on keeping the Aguirre name when and if they marry. (insert stupid giddy smile here)

We shall see.

I will say that I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to raise a son. I feel that I have the tools to raise a good man. A complete man. This is definitely something that intrigues me.

Perhaps one day I raise a grandson. EEK! That’s a story for another day.

By Teevee Aguirre