Management, Parenting, Leadership (all basically the same thing)

It’s all the same. Really. I shit you not.

Some may argue with some of the specifics and they would have a marvelous time doing so with themselves.

When I was in management (15 years or so) I couldn’t help but feel like I was parenting on some scale.

Do this. Don’t do that.

Oh, wait! Now you need to go into the corner.

Clean up after yourself. Clean up after the customers.

Wear your uniform. Tuck your shirt in.

Smile. Greet the customer. Be friendly.

Then I became a parent and thought to myself: wow, this feels a lot like management.

Throw the trash away.

Brush your teeth. Smile.

Shake hands. Make eye contact.

So, my experience in management really gave me head start on how to be an effective parent. Although I’ve been doing a ton of OJT (on the job training) as well.

My leadership training and knowledge reminds me to make every effort to allow my girls to think for themselves and ask the right questions.

“Leaders don’t have all the right answers. Leaders have all the right questions”

And the add to this the ABSOLUTE need to model the behavior I would like my daughters to emulate.

Respect. Honor. Integrity. Transparency. Care. Love. Cleanliness.

This is where I think the magic happens.

When as a manager/parent you tell them to do something because it’s the right thing to do.

And a leader you also demonstrate it through your actions and behaviors. If rapport is already there… then they will do anything you request of them.

By Teevee Aguirre