My Most Precious Asset

My Most Precious Asset

I’ve realized that writing is essential, like water and food.

Dramatic right?

One year ago, I signed up for the #Ship30for30 challenge to sharpen this skill and make it one of my strengths.

I learned that every single creative outlet that I have requires writing. I need to sit down, slow my thoughts, and crystallize them into written words.

Even when sketching, I write a short story to help me find my vision and perspective.

The writing may not always happen on paper. Sometimes it purely happens in my mind.

The Ship30 challenge helped me become a better storyteller. It made me realize that I had thousands of stories buried in my head.

I just needed a shovel to dig them out and a writing habit to document them.

“My written words are my most precious asset. They are also a history of my life.” -Derek Sivers

Generational wealth is a real thing, but so is generational wisdom.

My writing has become the precious asset that I want to pass down to my children. They must know how I got here, how I made decisions, how I processed success and failure.

Nothing motivates me like a challenge and a gang of accountability partners, so I signed up for Ship30 again to help me extract this asset.

I plan to create a ritual of daily writing that allows me to collect a treasure trove of essays, stories, and lessons that my descendants can read and appreciate.

And if I’m lucky, even a few online friends can enjoy my writing along the way.


By Teevee Aguirre