The Haters are in the Room

The haters are in the room.

Girls, not everyone is going to like you. Ever. No matter how kind, respectful and helpful you are, there will be someone in the room that will likely be annoyed by you and think you’re conceited or that you think you’re “All that!”

Don’t ask me what that really even means. People have been saying that for thousands of years.

If you walk into a room with ten people, eight will probably think you’re a fantastic person and want to be your friend.

One might be indifferent. And one will hate you or strongly dislike you.

Now, now. Don’t cry. It’s not your fault. It may not even be their fault.

I know that’s hard to hear. It’s not true 100% of the time. But it’s worth keeping this in mind when you’re in a room full of people.

Remind me to tell you about Vilfredo Pareto and his peas in another bedtime story.

Listen, it has nothing to do with you. You might be the absolute sweetest little girls in the room who are trying to be helpful.

But be open to criticism and feedback. Listen to the hateful rhetoric. It’s easy to dismiss it all because it feels like a personal attack. They might make you aware of your blind spots.

But here’s the deal, I want you to continue being kind, continue being helpful, and continue to excel. Then I want you to take a breath and focus on the other 80% in the room.

That’s a lot of people that respect you and like you as a human being. Focus on them. Cherish them.

Remember this, no matter how old you get and how much you prove yourself, you will have haters. Thus is life.

Now, let’s go to bed. Daddy loves you. Sweet dreams.

(And one more thing, don’t ever read the youtube comments.)

By Teevee Aguirre