My Thoughts on Fourth of July

My parents smuggled into this country when I was 2 years old. They did the same thing for the rest of my brothers and sisters, including my two baby sisters who were actually born here. Yes, I know that makes no sense.

I didn’t truly know that I was illegal until I was a teenager and then was scared to walk in the street because I may “get caught”.

To this day I still have this small fear that I may get caught up in something and be sent back to Mexico where I will be laughed at for being a fake Mexican. Although today I am now a permanent resident and have permission to occupy space in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

I married white woman from Ohio several years ago and now am father to a pair of amazing mixed young ladies (thank goodness for great genes). Or are they mixed.

(Maybe they just are human beings. Damn! I already lost my focus.)

American Citizen Coming Real Soon

I once was really militant as a kid about maintaining my Mexican pride and not becoming an American citizen.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a very proud Mexican (and have it inked on my body), but the fact is that “Mexico” has never done anything for me. Not the government.

The people? Well, that is another matter. I love my culture. My people. Our food. And just so you know, I also still celebrate Cinco the Mayo. (The fight for independence is a theme throughout history and many nations and their people)

But why was I holding on so strongly to being Mexican in that sense.

My parents risked their lives to bring my family here and truthfully despite all the wrongs that the US has committed and many points in history, I am American. My daughters are American.

Many brave men and women of many nationalities have fought and given their lives to give us the opportunity to be spoiled.

There is a multitude of people that are still dying to come to the America at this precise moment. And there are still many brave men and women that are fighting for us today. I will save my conspiracy theories for another day.

I see the 4th of July as day to honor those who have risked their lives to fight for our civil rights and those of others. I SALUTE YOU!

America is a country of immigrants built by immigrants. We are all mixed.

Every one of us, although some of us pretend we are not. I find that so cute (and silly)

By Teevee Aguirre