Marcos Cervantes : The Life Juggernaut

My guest, Marcos Cervantes, and I have known each other since high school. GO SKYLINE RAIDERS!

I reached out to him about two weeks ago and asked him if he’d be interested in joining me for my podcast. He said YES right away.

Crap! Now I had to make it happen.

I thought I was ready, but then I wasn’t. Neither one of us anticipated there being work being done on his building roof. It was bad.

We moved over to a Starbucks and just made it happen. So hit play and listen in. We both have come to a good place in life but we’re both itching to do more.

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I bought a new audio recorder and started to learn how to use Adobe Audition for editing audio. I even added music and sound effects to this one. Little by little I  will make my podcasts better and better. Stay tuned!

By Teevee Aguirre