Moving forward an inch at a time…

This has been one of those weeks that I will always remember. It has been a week full of events that will go down in Teevee history.

My older daughter turned 7 on December 9th. My little big girl is getting so big, and already taking her piece of the world. I did not have her for her birthday, but we still had a great time together the next day. (I plan on spinning the typical Christmas tradition on its head and doing something my daughters will love and enjoy.)


I was offered the opportunity to sell my half of a company I own and helped found. My contributions have been minimal as of the last few months and agreed to sell.

This will allow me to begin to push some of my own personal ideas and passions even further. I am pretty excited to know that something that Brad and I started as an experiment allowed me to quit my day job. Yes! It’s possible! Now, it’s all about me! I have already my hands at several other ventures that proven to be profitable.


A good friend that I admired and respected died this week. He was my boss when I was fresh out of high school.

He was one of those dynamic people that lit up a room with his personality when he stepped in a room. I was still rather young and had no idea how he did it, but wanted to emulate that energy.

We went on to be good friends and always believed in me.


This is the week that I also finally feel like those breakthroughs are breaking through.

I can now say that I am able to spin a woman while dancing and still be able to keep my feet moving and stay on beat. I put in extra work to help get me there. I need to get out to dance at least 2-3 times a week to make my goal of being one of the best salsa dancers in Dallas. Baila conmigo!

As for improv I feel myself getting more comfortable on stage every week. Some of the things that were holding me back a few weeks ago are starting to become less of a problem. Our team has really begun to improve also which is starting to show in our scenes.

Tomorrow is our last class for Level 2 and we will be having our showcase on Wednesday. WHAT? Already!!! Yes. Time to put it on stage. Improv with me?

As I stated earlier, it has been a strange week full of emotions that cover the gamut. Wild ride! And life goes on…

By Teevee Aguirre