New Years Resolutions: 2010

2009 marked a year of a lot of new things and new people in my life.

2009 was the year of the biggest leap of faith in my life.

I have always been one to take risks, but frankly they have been safe risks (aside for that one time, but who’s keeping score)

This year I promised myself to things in a large way. I suppose I have done that, and then some!

The last couple of months I have begun to involve myself in activities that I’ve always had a deep burning passion for. I have put myself in situations for embarrassment and discomfort. But hell, they were mild in comparison to quitting my job.

However, quitting my job has allowed me to begin to live my dream. It has allowed me to be with my daughters and be a PTA Dad (I have even asked me to be on the Board). It has allowed me to give back to my community.

It has allowed me to show others that living your dream can be a reality, and also given me the opportunity to learn that one person can make a difference.

In my last post I wrote of my frustrations in my different studies. And I also wrote of the expected breakthroughs I see in my near future. This past week I have begun to get a peek at those expected breakthroughs.

And with this in mind I present my new year’s resolutions (in no particular order):

  • Be one of the top salsa dancers in Dallas (inspired by Jay Stylz and Jenny Marcano!)
  • Be one of the most consistent improvisers in Dallas (inspired DCH- mastery is journey, not a goal)
  • Be on the Harold Team (improv jargon, ha!)
  • Fight in the Golden Gloves (inspired by Jay Sanchez)
  • Be a PPC (pay per click) Master with numerous profitable campaigns
  • Write my first e-book (with 2 to follow)
  • Create 2 membership sites
  • Put on 30 pounds of lean body mass (I will need them to box, fo’ sho!, already hired nutritionist/trainer)
  • Learn how to cook (master chef will be next years resolution)
  • Trips to Vegas, Florida (destination undecided), New York, Los Angeles, Utah (Terri is hosting me :o) Yes all America for now.

  • Disneyworld or Disneyland (which is the best?)
  • Automate and systematize my companies to the point where I can run them from anywhere in the world (4hour work week? Ya hear that Brad?)
  • Develop 3-4 new joint ventures
  • Learn to be a videographer
  • Skydive
  • Rock climb
  • Bungee Jump
  • Earn a minimum of $1000 a day
  • Train 10(minimum) others to start their own businesses and leave the rat race
  • Teach my Ladies all I learn along the way
  • Write consistently (take writing courses)
  • Begin to write poetry again
  • Perform at spoken word open mic

Think Bigger, Dream Bigger, Do It BIGGER!

I recently came to the realization that I am pessimist’s worst nightmare.

Yes, I know some of these are pretty big resolutions. Yes, I know that maybe it is not good to set up myself for failure. Yes, I know I get on some of your nerves for being so positive. I know all these things.

Trust me when I say I have been through things would crush most men. I have made some huge mistakes in my life that would make me a bitter, angry, sour asshole. Yet, I refused to believe that was what my legacy would become.

My pain is nothing compared to what others go through daily. Through my pain and struggle I have made some of my greatest decisions. These decisions will shape my daughters’ future.

It has been so humbling to meet those that I have somehow inspired in the last year. To know that by pursuing my dreams I have sparked something inside others is incredibly fulfilling. Strange how that works, eh?

I would love to hear your dreams/resolutions. Share! How can I help? Leave your thoughts, criticisms, resolutions in the comments. Let’s make it happen.

Edit Dec.7th:

In my rush to write this post I forgot to mention that there would be absolutely NO WAY I would be here without my close circle of family and friends. I surrounded myself with positive successful people with whom success was inevitable. My “spotters” can be found around me at all time.

Everything I have done to this point has been with someone’s help and support. This has been one of the BIGGEST lessons in my journey. No one can do anything by themselves.

A billionaire told me last year that if you want to succeed you must:

  1. Write down your Big Promises (he preferred promises because people tend to hate breaking promises)
  2. Put a deadline on it
  3. Write down who is going to mentor, help, coach, spot you

This has been true in all my studies, both business and personal. For example, in improv and dance I have found a tremendous circle of driven individuals who motivate me every time I feel like giving up or not giving my full effort. They are there giving me that extra push and in some cases that slap in the face.

In boxing it will likely be a right hook to the face reminding me to focus!

Moving forward I look forward to new friendships and partnerships that will last a lifetime. I will not be doing this alone. Let’s roll out! (a la Optimus Prime)

This is being published a little early and I expect to come back and edit this further.

By Teevee Aguirre