No Television! (sorta)


Teevee In a Trance

DISCLAIMER: I do have one television that was given to me 2 years ago. It is at least 10 years old and does not have a converter thing-a-ma-bopper. I used it for my girls to watch their Disney movies. But now I don’t have a DVD player and haven’t watched anything on it in months. So, it is basically a HUGE paperweight.

So why then the name Teevee?

Yes, my name is Teevee (sorta) I am called Teevee but it has nothing to do with my TV viewing habits. And you thought you had me all figured out, didn’t you?

I have been called the Anti-TV Nazi by a couple of friends because of my (perceived) lack of connection to the outside world. I even had real close friend scold me and tell me that there is more to the world besides what exists in my life and I should wake up. Ouch.

Never mind the fact that A.C Nielson Co. says that an average 65 year old will have spent 9 years of their life watching TV (average of 4 hours a day) and is an at an all-time high.

Why Don’t I Have a TV?

My original reason for not owning a TV was purely out of necessity. When I got divorced, I left without a TV and couldn’t afford to buy a new one. But something became very evident to me: I didn’t really miss it.

Well, I’m lying a bit. I did miss my NBA games. I did miss the NFL and other sports. But I concocted a devious plan to help motivate me which I will share in a moment.

To my benefit I was HEAVILY encouraged to read The 4 Hour Week by Tim Ferris in November of 2007. Tim further validated removing TV from my life and also gave me a blueprint to follow for the rest of my life.

Not watching TV has allowed me to do a ton of things that I just not have the time to do. A lot of people ask me how I have time to do all the things I do. Well one the biggest reasons for it is not watching any TV.

The biggest thing that it gave me time to do was develop and work on myself. Let me be honest ladies and gentlemen, I have not always been the perfect man I am now! HA! 😉

My First Classes

I took my very first dance lessons at Arthur Murray much to the laughter of Jay Stylz. I took my very first improv classes which helped me tremendously with the classes I taught at the time.

I signed up for a communications class that helped more than any other class.  I benefited immensely from all the knowledge I learned and implemented in my life. Yet, I also met my future business partner in there and created friendships with awesome people that I know I can depend on to this day.

Soon after reading the 4 Hour Work Week, my friend and I started a company online from scratch that taught me about business and marketing. The most beautiful thing was that we were actually making money as building it and screwing up.

This same company allowed me to quit my day job, although at that time it was not making much money. I decided to quit and put faith in myself for once.

I now have enough money to buy a TV. I nice one at that if I really chose.

But Why Do I Need TV?

Do I need one to make sure to be up to date with the world news? Seriously? No thank you! If it is big enough news, I will hear about it. I am well connected online as many of you know.

I don’t need to watch another shitty reality TV show? What value does that add to my life?

Besides, I have learned something very painfully honest about myself. The TV shows (no matter how shitty) grab my attention when I am in the room.

A few people have actually witnessed this very sad fact. My attention goes to the TV instead of the person who may be talking to me. So sad.

How Do My Daughters Feel About Not Having a TV?

This may surprise many. And many may think I am lying.

But they don’t even ask about watching TV.

I think they accepted a couple of years ago that Daddy does not have a TV. And I love it!

So what do we do with our time you wonder. Well let me think:

  • They ride their bikes
  • Paint on the driveway with their chalk
  • Climb trees
  • Read books
  • Draw me a ton of pictures where they tell me how much they love me 🙂
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Play tickle game
  • Walk/jog/ride bikes around the park
  • Tell me stories
  • Freestyle sing

They absolutely do not miss the TV. Well at least not while they are here. It does require attention from me, which is sometimes real hard. But it’s working. For all 3 of us.

What about following my Mavericks?

I mentioned earlier that I do miss my NBA (Mavericks specifically). I don’t even know who is on the roster anymore.

Instead of buying a TV to at least watch them lose in the 1st or 2nd round I decided to motivate myself to push harder in my business and instead buy season tickets to watch them do the same thing.

Brilliant isn’t it? 😉

By Teevee Aguirre