On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father

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Dallas Boxing Training and Pure Exhaustion


One of my passions since about the beginning of the year has been my boxing training. It is one of the few things that allows me to let go of all my aggression that I may have built up throughout the week. Jay Sanchez of The 10th Street Dallas Boxing Gym has been my guide throughout my journey. I am proud to say that he has helped me reshape my thin body into something that will be doing some...

The quiet skinny kid wants to get hit!


Well, I am obviously still that skinny kid. Lanky and long. I was the oldest of the youngest kids that have been raised here in the U.S. My older brother and sister were reared in Mexico. Growing up I had to be self-motivated to excel in school. My parents couldn’t speak English, so I couldn’t ask them for help with my homework. Thankfully, I had an awesome teacher in first grade that...

Frustration at Self!


So, as you may know by now, I am pretty busy learning several new things. (If you are unaware of this then take a moment to read the previous post and come back here after that) Although I am happy doing these things and learning new skills, I can’t help feel frustrated regularly. I suck at 3 things at the same time. ARGHHHH! Dance? Yup. Boxing? Uhuh. Improv? You guessed it. I will take a...

On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father