Frustration at Self!

So, as you may know by now, I am pretty busy learning several new things. (If you are unaware of this then take a moment to read the previous post and come back here after that)

Although I am happy doing these things and learning new skills, I can’t help feel frustrated regularly.

I suck at 3 things at the same time. ARGHHHH!

Dance? Yup. Boxing? Uhuh. Improv? You guessed it.

I will take a moment here to say that I am making tremendous strides in all 3 disciplines, but not enough. At least not enough to satisfy my desires. ARGHHHHH!!!

I can imagine now looking back in 6 months and wondering how I got better so fast. Yet here I am now, frustrated. 😉

To make my mental beatdowns even harder, I auditioned for a couple of improv troupes this past weekend. Well, I obviously am not good enough yet, but the beatdowns continue. ARGHHHHH!!!

By Teevee Aguirre