Teevee On TV Despite Not Having a TV (Spanish Video)

Yes! I don’t have a television yet I was on TV.

All my loyal readers may remember that I was mentoring in my community 😉 I have continued to mentor and have a blast getting to know my mentee.

The leader at the LULAC Center where I meet with my mentee, Otis Gray, asked me a couple of weeks if I would be open to doing an interview with Univision 23 Noticias (Spanish television) Of course I jumped at the opportunity and can see the interview above.

I apologize to all my non-Spanish speaking readership, but I guarantee I said some revolutionary things. 🙂

How Do I Mentor?

Many times, we don’t do much other than play basketball or show him some magic tricks. However, through the process of playing those games I do teach some of the most important ideas in life.

  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Practice and Dedication
  • Respect The Process of Development

  • Follow through
  • Storytelling
  • Focus
  • Commitment

There are many other lessons. Lessons that are taught while having fun!

He has already greatly improved his basketball game and his magic performances. He is putting in the work and dedicating himself to improving. That just makes me happy! hehe

He may or may not realize that I am teaching the whole time while enjoying a game of basketball. He may not realize how important storytelling will help him later in life. He may not realize yet, but he will one day. And I relish knowing that in some way or another I am influencing him in a positive manner.

I am just there to be a friend. A big friend. However, I wonder if he realizes how he is influencing me. 🙂

By Teevee Aguirre