2 Month Anniversary of Quitting J.O.B.

It has been two months on my own. WOOHOO!

I quit my Manager job two months ago. I quit to be home and watch my daughters grow and be there for their needs. I quit because I think I have more to give the world than I would be able to give at my job. I quit because it was time to move on to a new phase of my life. One in which I will be my own boss and determine my own work hours.

It would be a lie to tell you that I have not struggled. Yet, I know that I am building a business. I know this. 🙂

I want to take a moment and thank the people in my life that I look to for motivation. My girls come first and foremost deserve a huge hug for reminding me why I quit. My girlfriend and best friend deserve a ton of credit for putting up with me. My family for giving me the foundation I so need.

And of course, there is my partner, Brad. Thank you brother. You rock! Let’s take over the world.

Teevee Aguirre

Teevee is an insanely funny and humble man who has traveled the world in his mind at least a dozen times since his imagination began to bloom at the tender age of 31. You can find him making a dent in the universe by sharing his lessons on parenting, marketing, manhood, relationships, leadership and whatever else tickles his fancy.