Being Honest to Myself

I always tell myself I am going to do something. Yes, I know talking to ourselves is not considered sane, yet all do it.

” Oh, I’ll do that tomorrow”
” I’ll start working out Monday”
” I will begin to actually write daily in my blog”
” I will wash clothes tonight after the playoff game”

You get the idea, right?

Well, inevitably things up and I find myself feeling terrible for not following through.

So, then I begin to make excuses for lying to myself, because that’s what I am doing. I was reading a book that suggested that if you truly wanted to make progress in life, you had to begin by being honest to yourself.

If I say I am going to do something, DO IT! If I say I am going to wash clothes, WASH THEM!

Not easy at all. I didn’t realize how much of a liar I was until after I read that. I would not accept that kind of behavior from others, yet I was doing it myself regularly. Well, now I do it a lot less. Thank goodness, because I can’t stand being lied to.

By Teevee Aguirre