On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father

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January 2016 Random Check In


Current Time & Date January9, 2016  7:33 AM #NowPlaying – Clique – Jay-Z & Kanye Damn I am wired! Woke up wide awake. Seriously. Almost as if I was running late to work. I know you know that feeling. Thinking. A shit-ton. New ideas flooding my mind. But first let me get some breakfast. Done. I’m currently reading several books that have lit a fire in my ass. By...

Teevee Physical Progress


Unlike many people I have always been a really skinny guy. As you can see in the picture. The picture below was taken approximately 2-3 years ago. Interestingly enough, and I had already gained some weight from a couple of years back. I never liked that version of me. I felt like I had a better me hiding under that thin frame. Throughout the years I had attempted to work out consistently on my...

Building a New Ritual


When I was much younger, I was persuaded into believing that I could do anything by all the propaganda out there. Although my parents did the best they could, they weren’t the ones that fed this to me. But I did believe it. An extension of that is believing that I can change things about myself that I didn’t like. So when I first came across the idea that doing anything for only 20-30...

Brad Pitt Fight Club Body and Workout


Have you seen Fight Club? Did you see Brad Pitt and Edward Norton’s body in and wonder what their workout was like? The first time I saw it and saw Brad Pitt I immediately felt like I had a chance of getting that Hollywood Body and Physique. You have seen these Hollywood actors and probably wondered the same thing… even if you are a little nervous of sounding gay, you can’t help...

On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father