January 2016 Random Check In


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January9, 2016  7:33 AM

– Clique – Jay-Z & Kanye

Damn I am wired!

Woke up wide awake. Seriously. Almost as if I was running late to work. I know you know that feeling.

Thinking. A shit-ton.
New ideas flooding my mind. But first let me get some breakfast. Done.

I’m currently reading several books that have lit a fire in my ass. By “reading” I mean listening. (see list at end of post) Interestingly enough, I became addicted to audio books this week even though I already had 6-8 audio books and an audible subscription for the past 6 months.

It’s a new year as well so you can imagine the natural optimism I have at the moment and then add to that the fact I tend to be a positive kinda dude. PLUS all this reading adds air to the fire I feel in my belly.

Years ago, I wrote something I re-discovered a few days ago (and can’t find now!)

In it, I speak about my daughters sleeping beside me as I work late one night to build my first product online. I had a dream to one day quit my job and be able to spend more time with them and work on being a better parent for them.

On March 1st, will be the 7-year anniversary of “This Mexican’s Independence Day” and fulfilling that dream.

I done did it.

Over the course of the last 7 years, I have developed myself in a way I never thought was possible. But I must admit on some level I had reached a plateau. I couldn’t seem to break through it.

Now what?

I now have some even Bigger Hairy Ass Goals (BHAG).

To accomplish them it will require even bigger thinking that has been limited by own self-limiting beliefs. It’s taken a couple of years to crack those them and truly believe that I deserve them.

It’s crazy how we limit ourselves. I am no different.

Yet, these are the things that I will accomplish this year:

  • More public speaking and workshops (parenting, entrepreneurship, marketing)
    It turns out that people really want to hear what I have to say and are willing to pay for it.
  • Launch podcasts (stay tuned on this site and my business site: Dallas Marketing Rockstar)
    Yes! I once thought I had nothing of value worth sharing.
  • Get passport and travel abroad to several countries and dance with my Italian girlfriend (Yes. Italy is already on the list)
  • Become a better Kizomba dancer (which is happening already)
  • Educate the U.S. on Kizomba (different styles, music, history) by leveraging my skill set
  • Hire a coach and find a mentor
  • Launch my own product/membership site & create another residual income
  • Launch my local marketing business on national level
    I’ve kept it pretty local to Dallas for the most part
  • Hire a project manager and personal assistant
  • Join a high-level mastermind
  • Coach and consult a select group
  • Launch e-commerce business
  • Hire personal trainer and become a rock-solid middle-aged man!
  • Take cooking classes

Most of the items on the list are already “in progress” and will get the final push needed to bring them to reality.

For example, I already have 2 speaking engagements booked for this year that came to me this week. It’s pretty incredible what can happen if you just verbalize your goals!

They “magically” seem to appear.

2016 will be an epic year. Not to mention that it is also my first full year in my 40s.

NOTES: I am publishing this NOW. I will correct along the way.

If you feel compelled, feel free to send me all my screwups and I will correct. I am not a professional writer and thus write freely. I have discovered that if I wait til it’s perfect… it never even gets started. So screw it.

Moving forward I will share some of my reading for any interested in what is shaping my mind. I believe all can benefit. But don’t expect any novels. Sorry. Not my thing.

Current Reading List

  • Living with a SEAL by Jason Itzler – Teaching me the power of creative thinking and being a badass
  • Mastery by Robert Greene – Learning from historical masters who once were me and you. Regular people with obstacles and self-limiting beliefs.
  • The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone (reading again) – To read and hear Grant speak is incredibly empowering and will find yourself ready to run through a wall.
    Do you want to make 100k? 10X that! Want to close a deal? You better have 10 deals in the pipeline.

Completed Reading

  • 80/20 Sales & Marketing by Perry Marshall– Nothing will ever be the same. I see 80/20 EVERYWHERE! And now I can leverage it. Marketing. Life. Effort. Business. Nature.
  • The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holliday  – This book will be re-read for many years to come. It will become something I pass on to my daughters. It basically is my operating system on how to manage my thoughts and actions in the most practical and productive way regardless of any obstacles. Because the obstacle is the way. There is no other way.

Trips verified this week

  • San Diego
    My girlfriend has to go to a kizomba training workshop…. so I HAVE to go and support her (right?) While there I will visit my old friend, former business partner, and all around marketing genius Brad.
By Teevee Aguirre