How Quitting Can Help You Become Confident, Successful, and Wise

It’s ok to quit.

I’ve quit more times than I can count throughout my life. I love the idea of learning new skills and becoming better. But then my insecurities, financing, or logistics become too difficult to bear.

So I quit, temporarily.

I’ve done this in multiple disciplines like improv, dance, video editing, meditation, and podcasting, to name a few. But I always come back to those things that I genuinely enjoyed. I return with a sense of confidence that I didn’t feel before.

That confidence comes from just knowing the rules of the game.

I know the pitfalls and remember where I dropped off last time. It took ten years to figure out videography and video editing.

This week I edited the best video in my life.

It took me eight years and multiple attempts before I felt comfortable dancing. I would struggle to get out of the house. I was too scared to get in the car and drive to class.

Now I lead a dance community in my city.

Quitting is frowned upon, and I understand why. Shame on me. I would argue that I’m not really quitting. I’m just shelving that idea for a bit. Not a big deal.

It’s time for my writing to take the next giant leap.

I find myself eager to write every morning when I wake up. I’m old, opinionated, and have lived enough life to fill several volumes of books. I’m convinced that I can write at least 300 words on any topic. Plus, my writing gives me the content that I need to circle back around to podcasting and build my youtube channel.

I’ve learned that all the quitting and false starts helped make me successful.

Ready and willing to share.

By Teevee Aguirre