Dallas Hottest Man

So, am I Dallas Hottest Man?

Probably not. Or wait… maybe I am. Some women are amazing for my ego and tell me the dumbest things.

Others, not so much. I am just not their cup of tea. That’s life, eh? In my younger years I truly would have be completely heartbroken.

In the short time I have lived on this planet earth I have discovered that there is no real definition to what a woman considers hot.

In fact, it is said that women actually don’t weigh “good looks” as a factor of attraction like men do.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons I have been told that I am the “hottest man they have ever dated” or “drop dead stunning”.

I am not hesitant to say that when it comes to overall personality… I am pretty amazing! WOW! Did I just say that?

I think that the age old saying should be update to: Hotness is in the eyes of the beholder!

By Teevee Aguirre