Portfolio of Success = Confidence

They can shoot a basketball with decent form. They throw and catch a football (often better than most boys). They can write with power and vulnerability, step on stage, and share their truth with a room full of people. They can draw, paint, shoot, and edit. I’ll stop there. 

They can do so much so well at such a young age. 

This is my daughters’ Portfolio of Success. This is how I developed them into the confident young ladies that the world sees today.

Almost all kids have this crazy unrealistic confidence at an early age that they can do anything.

They scream ME TOO! ME TOO!

My girls were no different. So, I leveraged this little fact to the moon. 🚀 🌝

Somewhere along the line, a lot of kids lose the ME TOO belief. It breaks my heart.

I thought to myself: What things do most adults (including myself) wish they could do but swear they can’t? 

“I’m not.”

What if I introduce my girls to all these life skills early on in life? What if they become competent at all of them through repetition, encouragement, and coaching? 

The growth and confidence, when stacked together, would be exponential. My babies would believe that they can learn anything and do anything. 

I imagined conversations with the 30-year-old version of their future selves. I could see them questioning their ability to learn.

Well, then I would have to pull out their Portfolio of Success.
“Oh baby, let me remind you of all the skills you have possessed since you were a little girl.”

By Teevee Aguirre