When Mexican & Dominican Dads Flex Their Dad Muscles : Conversation with Manny Digital

Sometimes you meet new people by attending school with them or being raised in the same hood. That’s cool.

But you know what’s cooler?

Having a good friend introduce you to someone they are certain you will hit it off with. Someone that they feel vibes, walks, and talks like you.

Meet Manny Digital. He’s that dude.

As soon as we first spoke, I knew we would be friends for a long time. He’s a Latino, a father, an entrepreneur, and a hip-hop head

He invited me to be a guest on his “Father Hoods Podcast’’.

The conversation was intense and insightful.

I knew I wanted him on my show. I asked. He obliged.

Tune in and listen to two men who are trying to do the best they can to make a difference in their kids’ lives.

The stories are rich, and the laughs are many.

Hit the play button and make sure to let me know what you think.


By Teevee Aguirre