Building a New Ritual

When I was much younger, I was persuaded into believing that I could do anything by all the propaganda out there.

Although my parents did the best they could, they weren’t the ones that fed this to me. But I did believe it.

An extension of that is believing that I can change things about myself that I didn’t like.

So when I first came across the idea that doing anything for only 20-30 days can create a new habit, I naturally was a believer. What sucks is that you need to start over if you break the streak. Oh boy!

I speak about it in the video for a bit, but imagine being able to create a new positive habit every month.

A new ritual. A new way of being. A new of thinking.

So, here’s a little challenge (should you choose to accept)

Take a personal inventory of habits that you are not happy with. Or write a list of activities that you want to make a daily habit.

Start on one today. Not next Monday. Not when it is convenient.

I have found that life is pretty damn inconvenient. So, the excuses will immediately populate your mind. Trust me, I have them too.

No need to share them with me. I don’t care for them. I have plenty of my own thank you very much.

Single mother? 5 jobs? No money? No time?

Try something new today… making no room for excuses.


Ask yourself what needs to happen to make this new habit a reality. Tell the world you are doing it. Go on Facebook and post about your new crazy idea. Use the social peer pressure. Use Facebook for something new and unique. Leverage it.

My New Habit?

Running. I need to run and build my endurance. I play way too many things that require endurance and frankly I hate the sight of being out of breath after I run one block.

Unacceptable. So today I am on day two. I had a great excuse to stay in bed. It was so comfortable and I went to sleep late last night. I basically threw myself off the bed. Tomorrow…. day 3!

By Teevee Aguirre