On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father


“Screw College! I’ll Be An Artist”


As an immigrant kid with almost no English skills, my pencil and paper allowed me to create a world where all the characters spoke my language. In my mind, I found refuge. An old friend told me he had to drag me out of the house to play. As the years passed, I mastered the English language and continued developing my drawing chops. I imagine I must have put in thousands of hours. Then I...

Personal ephiphanies while in hurricane harbor


So, I’ve been in Florida for the past 7 days and while out here I have made some personal observations. In the process I have decided to make some changes in my life and lifestyle. I have also made a few personal commitments (see list below) I feel as if this trip has allowed me a chance to think. A LOT! Beaches, dolphins, islands, blue skies, new people all seem to have jolted my mind...

Independence Day


It wasn’t an easy decision. I have two precious daughters that depend on me to provide for them. The decision was painful. SERIOUSLY! I remember my gut hurting and my mind aching. There were so many things to consider and so many things to fear. What’s that stat about new businesses? 9 out of 10 fail or something along those lines. I crunched the numbers and figured out the amount of...

They Said


She said:
Daddy I miss you, and when I see you, I’m gonna kiss you.
He said:
In life there are no such things as real friends.
She said:
I don’t know where I’d be without you. I wouldn’t have known where to begin.
She said:
You always make me smile.

Teevee On TV Despite Not Having a TV (Spanish Video)


Yes! I don’t have a television yet I was on TV. All my loyal readers may remember that I was mentoring in my community 😉 I have continued to mentor and have a blast getting to know my mentee. The leader at the LULAC Center where I meet with my mentee, Otis Gray, asked me a couple of weeks if I would be open to doing an interview with Univision 23 Noticias (Spanish television) Of course I...

Beautiful Day


It is a beautiful day to say
I miss you and when I see you
well…I’m going to kiss you.
It’s a beautiful day to say I care.
Because with each passing day
I become wiser and find a new gray hair.
And the wiser I become
the more I realize there’s no day like today
and there’s no days to spare.

One Year Anniversary of Independence Day


One year ago, on March 1st, I quit my job as a retail manager for a grocery store. It was not a lucrative job by any means, but it was one that I did enjoy because it allowed me to be around people. I know that sounds crazy, but I actually do like people even if it means putting up with cranky folks. But I was tired of it as well. I needed something new. I was not an expert, but I was pretty good...

On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father