One Year Anniversary of Independence Day

One year ago, on March 1st, I quit my job as a retail manager for a grocery store. It was not a lucrative job by any means, but it was one that I did enjoy because it allowed me to be around people. I know that sounds crazy, but I actually do like people even if it means putting up with cranky folks.

But I was tired of it as well. I needed something new. I was not an expert, but I was pretty good at it. Most people liked working for me and having fun while trying to give our customers the best service possible.

Now roughly 52 weeks have passed and I suppose my little risk could be called a success. I still do not own anything expensive and live a very modest life. I still do not make as much as I used to make as a manager and am ok with that. I freely admit I have my mind set a couple of very expensive toys though.

Yet I do make a living and take care of my responsibilities. I have met people that I would have never had the pleasure of meeting. I am involved in activities that I never would have dreamed of doing if I was still working in retail.

Being a father, I have had the ultimate satisfaction of being involved in my daughters lives and doing the most spontaneous things. We enjoy the simple things like riding their bikes around the park and painting me.

I want to thank any and all those people that I have met this past year. I still plan on becoming a salsa superstar. Unfortunately, I had to take a break from improv to focus on one art and at least get to the level of competence.

I have made tremendous strides in my boxing training and am still anxious to get hit. I went to training yesterday and had a great session considering I had not been in about 3 weeks because of my sickness. I am punching harder and the pieces to the puzzle are falling into place. (about damn time!)

As part of my New Year’s Resolutions, I also wanted to gain 30 pounds. I am happy to report that I have already gained 20 and only have 10 more to go. It’s already benefited me on the basketball court. Ha! Suckas!

Last week I attended a PPC (pay per click) seminar in Austin and learned a lot about how Google ticks. I do some advertising and market some products through their AdWords program and at times have been so pissed off at them I could punch a wall… 🙂 Not a good idea, I know. But, at least now I have a better idea on how they operate and run things.

I have a couple of projects I am currently working on that have HUGE potential. At this moment it looks like one of them will be a home run right out of the gate. The buzz that is being created by my business partner is amazing. As part of this project, I now find myself in the role of software developer. Who would have thought it, eh?

So much going on that I can go on for at least another 500 words, but need to spare you for now. 😉

Here’s to 2010 and to all my beautiful friends! You all ROCK!

By Teevee Aguirre