Beautiful Day

Family Portrait

It is a beautiful day to say
I miss you and when I see you
well…I’m going to kiss you.
It’s a beautiful day to say I care.
Because with each passing day
I become wiser and find a new gray hair.
And the wiser I become
the more I realize there’s no day like today
and there’s no days to spare.

It’s a beautiful day to say Thank You
because it’s Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
or some other random day of the week
and the next time I see you,
the next time we speak,
I am going to bear hug you…
so prepare yourself,
it’s going to happen.
It’s a beautiful day to say:
today is the best day of my life.
Because it is today.
Because it’s rainy and
I love the idea of
dancing in the rain.
(Unless it’s a tornado and of course

then we need to run in the
house and hide under
the bed -I’m no fool)
Because it’s sunny and
I can see everything clearly
if I just open my eyes wide enough.
Because it’s snowing and I love hear:
“Hey it’s snowing”
And stating what is obviously clear.
But hey, someone has to say it
to make sure it has been noted in our timeline.
Our history. Our story.
Today is a beautiful to write a corny poem
about what a beautiful day it is.
Because it is. It is a beautiful day.

By Teevee Aguirre