You Cannot Not Influence

Although this is a confusing thought and premise, it becomes truly powerful once you wrap your mind around it.

It basically just states that everything matters. Our words matter. Even when you are “just saying”.

Especially when you are “just saying”.

Everything matters.

If others are around us, we are influencing; if only influencing their thoughts in the sense that they may be reminded of something.

Better yet, we may be showing them something from a different point of view than they have ever considered.

Everything matters. We cannot not influence.

At times it may seem that what we do doesn’t matter because we can’t just fix people when we are deliberately trying to influence them.

We matter. It all matters. In some cases, it will simply take more time to see the results, or maybe you won’t. The point is that you are still influencing them and possibly changing their lives, or you may just reaffirm their current belief.

You redirect them for just a moment. That’s life.


So here’s a way to allow this to play out in a more physical sense. Should you choose to accept this, then please come back and share your thoughts and insights.

Go to a crowded venue such as a bar, mall, sporting event.

Find a nice place and JUST STOP AND STAND THERE.

Don’t move. Don’t say a thing. Just stand in one spot.

Watch as people will avoid you. Move around you. Most will do it without even thinking about it.

Watch you influence play itself out without uttering a single word.

Let me know your thoughts. Your insight. Report back when you do this.

And remember: We cannot not influence. Our words have power. Our silence has power.


By Teevee Aguirre