Volver Volver Crunk Remix

I love this remix/mashup for many reasons.

Among them include is the fact that one of the biggest iconic performers in Mexico is on it. And then take into account that some very hardcore raw rap lyrics are mashed up alongside make for a controversial track.

But I also take something else away from this. One of which is that this is clearly created by a Mexican American artist/musician. Read that again. MEXICAN AMERICAN.

I guarantee you right now there are Mexicans disgusted by this mix or anything like this. Insulted even.

Then there is your passionate rap fans that believe this is an abomination.

But this is just a very visual (and auditory) way to see what is playing out in our world today (and always has)

We are a conglomeration of different elements. A mashup. A remix.

Those elements include our cultures, ethnicities, music, poetry, and even language.

What once was will never be again. Traditionalist hate his of course because we are losing our roots. Our origin.

The next generation will always pull from their surroundings and ultimately try to create something unique. If they can somehow create something new while respecting the roots then they will have a fan in me.

Look around and you will see people cussing and screaming about “what once was”. I, for one, enjoyed some of past but I also remember that there definitely was room for improvement.

For some odd reason we get overly romantic feeling about our youth as we get older.

“These damn kids don’t have any respect”

Yet, I wonder what our parents were saying about us.

By Teevee Aguirre