Personal ephiphanies while in hurricane harbor

So, I’ve been in Florida for the past 7 days and while out here I have made some personal observations. In the process I have decided to make some changes in my life and lifestyle.

I have also made a few personal commitments (see list below)

I feel as if this trip has allowed me a chance to think. A LOT!

Beaches, dolphins, islands, blue skies, new people all seem to have jolted my mind.

Being away from my daughters for so long has made this trip a bit difficult and will make some of my commitments even harder. So I suppose I will need to do a better job at being a planner and making things work.

So here is the list of crazy thoughts and commitments. Enjoy.

I will. And the beautiful thing about is that I will love to share my girls and even taking them out on some of the upcoming trips. 🙂

  • Start watercoloring again!
    I feel that this is a beautiful way to get back to my artistic nature.
  • Buy decent camera and take more pictures through my own perspective.
  • Do more personal Photoshop work just for my own pleasure.
    I simply love creating and need to give myself permission to play more with my own personal images.
  • Travel! Starting immediately. I will begin my traveling in-state to either San Antonio or Austin.
    Then start flying out within the Great U. S. of A. By next year (2013) take a trip overseas.
  • Minimize more. Remove excess. Trim down to the bare necessities.
  • Dance more! Get back to classes and unleash the dancing beast hiding inside of me. 😉
  • Eat more. Taste more culturally diverse foods.
  • Start writing my book.
  • Draw more. I don’t do it much anymore.
    I love doodling and even tagged the dog beach on Fort Myers which verified that I miss it.

My business allows me to do all of the things on my list. Being away from home and still working everyday from Starbucks confirmed the fact that it is quite doable. So I must do.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll probably have to come back and edit when I remember the rest.

By Teevee Aguirre