“I Will Die For My Children But Don’t Ask Me to Take Care of My Health”

Both of our immigrant fathers had strokes. 

My father is disabled and a shell of the man he once was. Charles father died shortly after his stroke. 

The motivation behind this conversation wasn’t one of “happy, happy, joy, joy,” but instead, it tackles an issue that plagues many men in immigrant families.

This episode is a heavy one.

I always find it fascinating to hear how many fathers will say they would die for their children, but many of those same dads struggle to live for them. 

It’s a deep topic, but I promise that it’s not all about death talk… 

We feel that these are topics that we should be able to talk about with ease. Just like we talk about sports and the weather.

“Hey Bob! Let’s go for a walk. I need to talk to you about dying and who you used to prepare your will.”

One might say we should “normalize” it. HAHA.

I swore I would never use that term in my copy. But screw it.

It’s applicable.

By Teevee Aguirre