Brad Pitt Fight Club Body and Workout

Have you seen Fight Club? Did you see Brad Pitt and Edward Norton’s body in and wonder what their workout was like?

The first time I saw it and saw Brad Pitt I immediately felt like I had a chance of getting that Hollywood Body and Physique.

You have seen these Hollywood actors and probably wondered the same thing… even if you are a little nervous of sounding gay, you can’t help but respect their bodies and wonder how you could get the same results.

Well, I found this amazing product that I am going to be testing in the next week or two called the Hollywood Physique that cuts through the crap to give you the maximum results for minimal efforts in achieving that Brad Pitt Fight Club Physique.

The most recent actor that we could also use as a model for this is Ryan Reynolds. If you have seen Green Lantern you would know exactly what I mean. The Green Lantern Body! He actually looks like the comic book character! Bastard!

So, stick around and watch me rock it!

By Teevee Aguirre