On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father


January 2016 Random Check In


Current Time & Date January9, 2016  7:33 AM #NowPlaying – Clique – Jay-Z & Kanye Damn I am wired! Woke up wide awake. Seriously. Almost as if I was running late to work. I know you know that feeling. Thinking. A shit-ton. New ideas flooding my mind. But first let me get some breakfast. Done. I’m currently reading several books that have lit a fire in my ass. By...

Christmas, Thanksgiving, & Minimalism


I am a marketer and a minimalist. In fact I became a minimalist to become a marketer. I had to adopt a minimalist philosophy if I could ever seriously consider becoming my own boss and starting my own company. If I had not removed all excess from my life, I would have continued working at my management job. And although I enjoyed working with the people at my job, it took away valuable time with...

My Minimalist Struggles


At the end of February, I wrote a blog post and said that I was going to adopt the Minimalist philosophy. Being a minimalist is many things to many people, but essentially it involves removing anything that doesn’t add direct value to you or your life. For example, my book collection and movie collection. Many of the books and movies on my shelf have not been touched in years. So why bother...

Minimalism? Yes I Want to Become a Minimalist


Since my divorce in 2007 I have been on a slow journey in removing excess from my life. A lot of it has been out of necessity. I left with very little other than my clothes, laptop, and books and was perfectly fine with it. (A minimalist by accident) That experience began to teach me that a lot of what I had was not truly needed. I guess you could say I was a minimalist on training wheels. In...

On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father