My Minimalist Struggles

Can Minimalism Be All So Simple?

At the end of February, I wrote a blog post and said that I was going to adopt the Minimalist philosophy.

Being a minimalist is many things to many people, but essentially it involves removing anything that doesn’t add direct value to you or your life.

For example, my book collection and movie collection. Many of the books and movies on my shelf have not been touched in years. So why bother keeping them?

There has been a ton of other stuff that I have either donated or simply sold. Some of it was painless while other stuff was not so easy.

So, I have removed about 95 percent of my stuff that I don’t need. I am extremely happy especially knowing that someone else can possibly benefit from them. I even donated about 10 on personal development and leadership to my LULAC Mentoring Center.

Yet there is still a few that I am still struggling to get rid of. There really seems to be some type of emotional attachment to them. Some of the books remaining helped transform my life.

Which brings me to this conclusion. Minimalism is not easy.

I will say that I feel relieved to have less stuff laying around. It makes the thought of traveling and moving so much more appealing.

Colin Wright at recently posted and article on his blog with pictures of all the 51 things he owns and travels the world with.


Given the fact that I gave 2 daughters, 50 things is impossible. But I will continue to minimize my consumption.

By Teevee Aguirre