The world opens up!

Not so scary!
Not so scary!

This week has been another awesome week. This month is going to be monumental. Well, since I am on the timeline… this lifetime is already one for the ages! 🙂 My apologies! I couldn’t help myself.

A lot of positive things going on. I am into week 4 of my improv training and making improvements (although not fast enough!) And on October 22nd, my group performs our Showcase! I am getting butterflies as I type these words. Whoa! And to know that my girls are going to get to watch me perform makes me happier and proud.

After this I will continue on to Level 2,3,4,5, and any they create! Joe (fellow improv addict and friend) and I are already planning to take some time to fly to Chicago and take some training there with iOImprov and have another friend that will host us.

Be afraid! Be very afraid!
Be afraid! Be very afraid!

In the meantime, Joe and I have mysteriously infiltrated Dallas Comedy House and we will be helping build their new location (by we, I mean him).

And today we were tearing the club up! We showed up in Deep Ellum with big hammers to demo the old setup and let me tell you something… we are intimidating! Grrr…

Knowing that we are at the beginning makes me feel as happy as a dog licking himself. Well maybe not that much. Point is, I am just bubbling.

Dance Boy! Dance I Said!

This week I also begin my dance lessons! Yes! Dance.

Being that I have done it before I think I will catch on faster and me a dancing machine. My marketing mentor, Kevin, says that the instructor is extremely good and understands how to teach.

I will be attending a free workshop on Saturday and start my lessons on Monday for 2 hours.

Bailamos o que!?! Oh yea… Gloria’s here I come. 😮

By Teevee Aguirre