TOMÁS ALVAREZ teaches kids to beat life’s troubles with rhymes

“I am HipHop!” KRS One

I grew up listening to hiphop and rap in the 90’s. It now is more accepted than it obviously was when I a kid because of the topics and “in your face attitude” of the art.

A Lovely Day Trailer from Kerri Gawryn on Vimeo.

However, it can be appreciated if you can understand the motivation behind it.

To see that it has evolved and grown to be massively accepted sometimes just leaves me shaking my head.

And then to read and find out that it is being used to reach out the the next generation of troubled youth as a method to express themselves further makes me happy. NBCLatino Story

Hiphop at it’s core is poetry and expression of self. At times it can be troubling.

Thus is life.

By Teevee Aguirre