3 Years Later

Almost 3 years ago to the date I put into effect some really big changes in my life. I signed up for several classes and trainings that were going to push me out of my comfort zone more than ever before.

Salsa. Improv. Boxing. Communication.

I was not happy with who I was and had to make some HUGE decisions if I was ever to get to where I wanted to go in my life. There was just no way I could accept anything less.

I picked up an old journal last night and realized that it had been almost exactly 3 years ago to this very date. As I read through it all I am floored by my overall mentality at the time.

But I even more impressed with my own growth and development. It takes a lot for me to “pat myself on the back” But there you go. I just did it.

Here’s the kicker though… wait where I will be in 2 more years. Speaking in a stadium full of people doesn’t sound so farfetched anymore. ONWARD!

This doodle was part of my journal from one of my NLP weekends. Feel free to ask me what it symbolizes when we meet in person.

By Teevee Aguirre