Fun & Simple Games for Dads on a Budget

I was so broke 12 years ago that I would just go to sleep at night to quell the hunger pains.

Money was scarce since I had just quit my job, and I was still figuring to generate opportunities for my new business.

I had to be creative and thrifty with anything I chose for my daughters. Here are some of our favorite cheap, fun, and engaging solutions that I found for play.

#1 Bubbles
By far the cheapest and simplest game. The beauty is in its simplicity.

#2 Hula Hoops
This one was a little tougher to enjoy since they still had to figure out how to hula properly. But even the learning was fun.

#3 Chalk
Our favorite. My father’s driveway became their canvas. I created a game that allowed me to teach them their numbers, colors, and shapes in an immersive experience.

#4 Paper Planes
Give a kid some paper and show them how to fold it; they’re off and running for hours. Eventually, they start making modifications to get their planes to do weird things or fly farther.

#5 Frisbees
Frisbees were a late addition to our toolbox of activities. I had to teach them how to catch and throw properly to enjoy the game. This required that I break down each process and then explain it effectively. Their hand-eye coordination steadily improved over the years as a result.

These are just a few of the many games we played and enjoyed.

This past weekend, we threw a graduation party for my oldest daughter, and I insisted on having bubbles on every table. Seeing adults and kids playing with the bubbles made my heart happy.

It was a small way for me to relive their childhood. Despite having few resources, we made some beautiful memories.

By Teevee Aguirre