Becoming Comfortable With Life’s Bloody Reality – A Story for #GirlDads

Life is created in blood.

GIRL DADS: your daughter will likely give birth to a child one day. Along the way, she has to come to terms with reality’s bloody nature and her menstruation. She will need your help.

She will need to know that you will not be disgusted or ashamed of her.

I laugh when I hear men talk about being manly yet at the same time run from tough conversations and challenging moments that require them to show up and be vulnerable.

Be a man.

You don’t have to have all the answers. Ask other females in your life for advice or search online. Become comfortable saying words like blood, uterus, vagina, menstruation. Your comfort will become soothing for your daughter. Start talking to them when they are young, and it becomes effortless when they’re older. They will trust you.

These are the times you need to man up and step up.

Be a man.

One day she will run out of tampons. She’ll shout from the restroom, ashamed to tell you that she needs your help. She will be scared to death as to how you will react. This will be a moment that will be remembered for many years.

Be a man.

Your baby girl needs you, dad. Don’t be weak now that she needs you most. Don’t run away because that is the “mom’s job.” Walk through the drug store merrily, carrying a box of tampons, knowing that you are doing your job as a girl dad. Now rush back.

This is just one of many situations coming at you fast. These are the moments of truth.

How will you show up?

By Teevee Aguirre