I’m Lost

I feel lost.

For the past 18 years, I have spent a portion of each day wondering what I could do to support and love my daughters.

Are they ok? Are they feeling loved?
Am I giving them the tools they need to succeed?
Are they being intellectually challenged in school?
What are my blind spots?
What adventure are we going on the following weekend?
Who do they need to meet?
What new programming do I need to embed?
Am I a good father?

Parents can relate to this overwhelming feeling.

But now, they are developing into the powerful independent women that I had envisioned. All the seeds that were planted years ago are bearing fruit.

As a result, they need me less and less. They have interests, passions, and friendships that are taking their time and attention.

Where the hell did the time go? My older kid graduates in a couple of weeks. Someone slap me awake.

Then baby girl went and got a job. Good news, right? Yes, but now I hardly see her. Our small window of time together has now become even smaller.

I’m struggling with the transition, yet I know I’ll find a new way of being involved in their lives. I have so much more that I need to do download into their little brains.

I know it will all work out. It always has. I hope my girls remember to share their adventures with their old man. I’ll always be their daddy.

By Teevee Aguirre