Creating Your Value & Getting Paid Your Worth

“You don’t get what you deserve in life; you get what you negotiate.”

I said this to my oldest child in a conversation about her photography business. If you don’t feel that you’re getting paid enough, negotiate for a better rate next time.

This is true if you’re an employee or a service provider.

“Some people are complaining that I charge too much,” my daughter proclaimed.

I replied, “When you’re the cheapest, no one expects you to be good nor the best. When you’re the best, no one expects you the cheapest.”

“No one goes to Ferrari and demands they lower their prices to match Kias. Nor do they go to Kia and demand to pay Ferrari prices.”

“You set your value. It’s perfectly fine for some not to like the pricing. In fact, expect it. But it’s not ok for you to lower it just because of the pushback. ”

“Are you providing a quality service? Are you giving a great them a great experience working with you?”

She replied, “Yes and yes!”

So I continued to spit fire, “When you’re young, the market thinks you should be cheap because you lack experience and skill. This is not the case for you.”

“Don’t be mad at them. They have the right to demand cheaper; you have the right to say no. You’re doing yourself a favor by filtering them out. Master this skill now.”

She looked happier, more confident though still slightly irritated. She puts so much work and effort into her clients. She’s still underpriced, but she will continue to raise her prices in due time as she grows in confidence.

“One more thing, baby. Make sure you are valuing others by paying what they are asking for without hesitation. Don’t be a jerk. Never ask them for discounts either. Copy that?”

“COPY!” she shouted.

By Teevee Aguirre