The haters are in the room (and so are your biggest fans)

One of the biggest lessons I am working to impart on the girls during the summer (because they are getting older and they are beginning to be confronted with it) is to always be aware that “haters”/critics and fans will always be in the room.

Look for them. They will always be there. Both.

Sometimes the critics will be hiding and pretending to be your friends and supporters. Treat them all the same. With respect.

The simplest way I could explain it is by giving them a math problem. They love math.

If there are 10 people in the room you can expect 60-80 percent to like you and support you.

Expect 10-20 percent to be the “haters”. My take on these individuals is that they help point out other angles you may have overlooked. Or not. The point is that they will always be there. They will be in the room.

Depending on the critic’s influence level in the room there may be more. And also depending on influence level of them (my daughters) they may have more supporters as well.

I’ve told them that as they get older this will become more and more prevalent. It’s the nature of man. Use their attention and energy to also┬ástrengthen their stuff (presentations, ideas, personality)┬áThese folks serve a purpose… especially the critics.

Critics can be awesome in my opinion. Listen to them. Learn from them.

It’s the critics with no real substance and real feedback that turn into haters and literally are just angry.

My daughters tend to get a lot of attention and affection for a variety of reasons so they will be confronted with these people more than others. Be aware of this and tag them mentally as soon as possible.

There will be far more people that love them and enjoy having them around as part of their group. Focus on them but always look for the others in the room.

By Teevee Aguirre