Being Kind Can Be The Best Marketing Strategy

I was honored to receive an invitation to celebrate my client’s 13th anniversary in business—an invitation I accepted without hesitation. Witnessing her remarkable journey in growing her law firm has been an extraordinary experience. From the moment we met, I knew she would accomplish great things.

Little did I know just how great.

My job, as her marketer, has been to help amplify her voice and ensure her target market sees her as the obvious choice. She’s allowed me to fill this role for 12 of her 13 years in business. In my industry, maintaining such a long-lasting partnership is a remarkable achievement in itself.

However, in another timeline, Monica, and I would have never met.

In high school, a fellow artist, Israel, consistently impressed all our teachers with his exceptional illustration skills. I couldn’t help but envy him because he was such a great illustrator. Although we didn’t have a tight friendship, I always treated him kindly and respectfully.

I was a big fan of his art, even if it was tinged with envy.

Many years later, he messaged me on Facebook. He was looking for someone to help his friend, Monica, who was opening her law firm, and I came to mind. Over the years, I have left a positive impression on numerous individuals, leading to these seemingly fortuitous encounters becoming a regular occurrence.

“Be useful. Be kind. Expect nothing.”

I shared this story with some young men I’ve been mentoring. Showing kindness doesn’t cost you much effort or money. Some interns and low-level assistants you meet today one day become leaders and decision-makers, or perhaps not.

Do it anyway.

It feels better, and you might get invited to anniversary parties in years to come.

By Teevee Aguirre