Being Old is Awesome

Damn, I’m old and I love it. I feel like it’s an honor to continue to grow old.

I’ve lived a full life and learned a lot along the way.

I’ve made it a point to take on challenges that allow me to grow. Sometimes, it’s something simple like learning calligraphy. Other times, it’s more involved, like taking improv classes and learning to dance.

What I love about being old is that it has allowed me to learn so many things. I truly relish being a beginner. Although it can be frustrating along the way.

The coolest thing is that now I have a unique set of skills that have helped make me one-of-a-kind—ME!

I’ve made some great strides in sharing my stories in the past. But this year, I have produced very few pieces of content or art. It’s discouraging, but I’ve been traveling and learning even more.

Now, it’s time to get back to doing the things that I love to do.

Writing. Sketching. Podcasting. Joke-writing.

Yup. Writing jokes. I just wrapped up a weekend workshop in Las Vegas, where I learned how to write and structure jokes.

But before I get too far ahead, I will start writing on this blog daily. It may be something short, an essay, or a poem, but it will be something.

I need and want to get the reps needed to improve my writing. What better way to do that than by sharpening my blade daily?

My knees and joints hurt much more than I care to admit. But aging has allowed me the time to live life.

Time to share more of my stories.  Being old is awesome.

By Teevee Aguirre