On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father


Lessons in Scarcity After Divorce


That scarcity taught me to appreciate and maximize everything. I only had a few hours with them.  It scared me straight since there was little to no time to waste. It’s almost as if there’s a countdown every weekend. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock… Every conversation mattered. Every choice mattered. Every activity mattered. A little dramatic, I suppose, but it kept us engaged...

“Are you working on having a son?”


I am the father of two brilliant young ladies. Anyone following me knows this withing 5 minutes. But I get this question fairly often, “Are you working on having a son?” or some variation of it. I am not at all. I’ve never felt that I had to have a son to feel complete. Part of the argument is that a boy will carry my name and my legacy on. I don’t completely believe that...

Small Trips in Time


Small Trips in Time October 2008. Fe (5) and Anastacia (3) I was divorced and working on my side hustle. I became intoxicated with the idea of quitting my job and being more involved in my daughters’ lives. I would be an idiot to quit my steady job. Or would I be a genius? One thing that I’ve always been guilty of is being ok with looking like an idiot, especially for them. These pixelated photos...

How Khan Academy Helped My Daughters Through Distance Learning


Khan Academy Helped My Daughters Through Distance Learning My kids, like everyone else’s, are doing distance-learning. Basically, it’s the idea of learning away from an actual school and mainly online.   I was worried about my daughters keeping up with the work and being able to stay on schedule since I’m not there with them to monitor their progress.   So, I asked them how they...

My Baby Girls Are No Longer Babies


My girls have become prolific writers, orators, and performers. Yesterday I picked them up from their mothers like I do every year after Christmas and told them I needed their help. I’m working on a new piece for my daddy page and needed some feedback on how to improve it. It’s been something I’ve been staring at for days and told them to be honest with me. As I read it out loud, I...

Charles Ogar: On Pursuing Dance Passion and Becoming a Fulltime Dancepreneur


  In today’s episode, we talk to Charles Ogar of NeoKizomba Productions. I first met Charles over 6 years ago. He was one of the first to start teaching kizomba (His style of dance was later renamed to urbankiz.) in the US. This is the dance that virtually took over my life and my imagination. He found himself fired a little later because he was too distracted but he made the best of...

January 2016 Random Check In


Current Time & Date January9, 2016  7:33 AM #NowPlaying – Clique – Jay-Z & Kanye Damn I am wired! Woke up wide awake. Seriously. Almost as if I was running late to work. I know you know that feeling. Thinking. A shit-ton. New ideas flooding my mind. But first let me get some breakfast. Done. I’m currently reading several books that have lit a fire in my ass. By...

I’ve Got Mad Dad Skills!


I try to be the best father I can. The best man I can. For them, as much as for me. I was a decent guy before. But being a father made me realize I really had to step up and bring my skills up. Leadership. Management. Modeling. Conversation. Public speaking. Social awareness. Even when I wasn’t teaching. I was teaching. They are always watching. Learning. Absorbing. To raise better...

My Daughters as Accountability Partners


My daughters scare me. They motivate me. The inspire me. They make me want to do things I never thought was possible. I’ll explain just how in a bit. I am in a perpetual state of self-improvement. I want to become a leaner, meaner, highly effective machine. I have to be more effective and efficient for crying out loud since I’m not getting younger and my memory is going to hell! I may...

On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father